Planet Earth, again

I was looking with my children at the episode guide for Planet Earth on the discovery channel when I noticed a link to see all the upcoming episodes.

Next Sunday, April 22, there is a Planet Earth marathon beginning at 9:00 am. So set you dvr, or vcr, or have a family member or friend record it for you.

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  1. Alice H Says:

    Chris, what’s the deal with your ads? Now you have an ad for permanent birth control on your sidebar…are they trying to tell you something?

  2. Wendy Says:

    I didnt see this, but my trusty TiVo has recorded all the episodes that we didnt have. I guess we can have our own Planet Earth marathon whenever we want. Just have to remember to set the TiVo to 10 episodes instead of 5.

    Thanks for the heads up on this series. Even though my kids (almost 5 yrs old and 15 month old) dont care for it, I am enjoying it. Although somethings have grossed me out. I still cant get over that pride of lions attacking and bringing down that elephant. I have never heard of such a thing. Learn something new everyday.

  3. Deputy's Wife Says:

    Chris, I wanted to stop back and tell you that I took your advice about framing your subject. Holy crap, I took some awesome pictures this week-end! Well, awesome for me at least…

    Thanks so much for sharing your tips. It really helped!

  4. Brandi Says:

    Oooh, Thank you! Our digital cable has the episode names all mixed up so all our recorded “first run episodes” are not all the episodes that have run nor are they what the save description labels them as. If that makes sense. A marathon will be much appreciated, thank you for the information!

  5. Erna Says:

    Planet Earth is awesome! I don’t have cable so can’t get it. I might just be trying to get the DVD set in the future. :0)

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