Kiss me I’m (not) irish

I am not Irish. Not one little bit. My husband is Italian. And yet, come March 17, we break out the green.

A friend of mine dyes whatever milk is in the bottle green for St Patricks Day. The leprechauns do it. While I think it is an adorable idea, I know my children would balk at having green milk to pour on their cereal.

I found this subsitute.

Leprechaun Shake

1c milk
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
2 ice cubes
3-4drops of mint extract
2 drops of green food coloring

Blend for 10 seconds or so.

You may need to double, triple, or quintuple to the fifth power.

The History Channel has a St Patrick’s Day website for you to enjoy with your children. It is a very comprehensive look at St patrick’s Day. The true story, the legend, green beer, and other assorted recipes that are not corn beef and cabbage. Gag. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Before I posted my pretzel recipe a couple weeks ago, I searched online for a recipe that didn’t require letting the dough rise. I know some of you are afraid of the yeast and kneading.

Family Fun had this recipe that was easy and fun.


It is made from canned breadstick dough and then sprinkled with colored sugar. Though I would just make it with my regular bread recipe.

I will also be resurrecting my treasure hunt idea, where the kids will go on a hunt to find a little black pot filled with gold. Gold foil wrapped chocolates, which to them are even better than real gold.

I did but these tiny little treasure boxes and I had big plans of filling one for each child and having each of them go on their own individual treasure treasure hunts, but that just didn’t work out. Maybe St Patrick’s Day 2010 I’ll be more prepared.

But we did make green cupcakes, just regualr cupcakes with a little green food coloring added, with vanilla frosting. The I cut up some green spice drops and had the kids make shamrock shapes on the top.


And then we ate half of them. Saving the other half for tonight after dinner, once we crash from our sugar high.

shamrock cupcake

And the next day we will give up our Irish heritage, at least until next March.

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  1. Tammy H Says:

    My kids LOVE St. Patricks day!! I’ve read so many of your good ideas and have not commented. Really I’ve been taking notes, but had nothing to give back to you. But St. Patricks Day…….. We actually do fun things here!! My kids build traps to catch a leprechaun. This year they painted a shoebox green - cut a hole in the top of the box and then covered the hole with green leaves. They sprinkled gold glitter all over the box, and placed a rock (painted like a gold stone of course!!) over the leaves. When the leprechaun tries to steal the gold, he’s sure to fall through the hole! Inside the box they placed pollypocket furniture, in case he needs to rest while he’s waiting for us to find him. I always leave gold candy in the trap with a note they says “You can’t catch me!!” This year he’s leaving magic powder (pistachio instant pudding mix). They have to say the magic leprechaun words (Leprechaun, Leprechaun, Shamrocks seen, Magic Powder - Green, green, green!) When you pour milk on the white powder it instantly turns green. We shake the jar and eat the pudding.
    I can’t believe I typed all of that - So unlike me. I think I was just thrilled that I had something to share. :)

  2. Nohe 5 Says:

    We totally made the leprechaun shakes tonight and my kids loved loved loved them. There are pictures up on my blog if you want to check it out. Thanks for the great idea!

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  4. t in hd Says:

    We missed St. Patty’s Day again this year. It’s not celebrated here (in Germany) so I always seem to remember too late. My poor kids probably don’t even know about St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll have to mark my calendar for next year!

    I’ve really been enjoying your posts here, Chris. Lots of fun ideas. We’ve been doing some neat crafts and projects around here lately and the kids love it.

    I’ve missed your posts on your other blog the last couple of months. For some reason, everytime I try to load your other blog, my flippin’ browser crashes. Due my lack of time and computer expertise, I still haven’t figured out why. :-( It never used to be a problem but I think my computer is out to get me. Hope all is well.

  5. jen Says:

    I know this is a daft question, but what is your standard vanilla frosting recipe? you seem to make cupcakes a lot so would know a seemingly easy question like that. My son is 19mo so am just gettting into kid- baking proper, but haven’t found a frosting recipe i like. any help appreciated! yours always look so delicious!

  6. Mary W Says:

    Not Chris but my vanilla frosting is

    1 box of powdered sugar

    1 stick of butter softened

    1 tsp vanilla

    3 TBSP milk

    Beat the sugar and butter together ad the vanilla and beat until smooth. Add the milk until it gets to the consistency you like.

    For chocolate - ad 2/3 cup of cocoa.

  7. Cute Backgrounds For Free Says:

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