Art appreciation for children and adults

Yesterday I was at the library when I came across a book series, for children, called Come Look With Me. I had heard about this series of books before, but thought that they would be like every other art appreciation book geared for children I had come across, namely boring, dry, and uninspired. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

comelookwith me

It is a series of art appreciation books, designed to be used to engage children in examining works of art. Each book has 12 works of art proflied. For each there are a series of questions designed to get to the children to look deeper into the painting, to examine the lines, color, and content in a way that they might not ordinarily do. To have something to say beyond, “It is nice.” or “I like it.”

There are no right or wrong answers. The questions are open ended and allow for different interpretations.

What I like about these books is that they give children the language to discuss art. It introduces the terminology that will be useful for them to use when looking at artwork in the future.

Not to worry, there is also a short biography of the artist and some insight into their work as a whole so that if youa re not familiar with a particular piece, you will not be left floundering.

Think of this series as the gateway for further art explorations. Perfect for introducing ideas to children before bringing them to a museum.

The book series says that it is geared for children ages 4-8, but I would say it would work for even much older children. The reproductions of the artwork are large and colorful and engaing for all ages.

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    Like I really need to buy more books! Thanks! This looks like a great series. Maybe I can find them at my library.

  2. Brigitte Says:

    Hmmm, might work for grownups too! I never know what to say to art, besides “don’t like it” or “puuuurty”.

  3. Fairly Odd Mother Says:

    Thanks for the review! This looks like a great series.

  4. momofthree Says:

    I added your blog to The Parent List - check it out and pay the favor forward!

  5. The Lazy Organizer Says:

    Thanks for the review. I found these at my library and I can’t wait to look at them with my kids!

  6. Mom of 3 Says:

    Wow, I have not seen this one yet. We’ll have to try and find it at the library. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

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