Tin can stilts

tin can stilts

Take two identical cans, the larger size ones (28 oz I believe) give more area for feet to stand on. For young children you can even use tuna fish cans.

Use your can opener to poke holes on the opposite sides of the top of the can.

Run your rope through the can and knot the top where they will hold with their hands. You can put several knots to accomodate different sized children.

9 Responses to “Tin can stilts”

  1. Maliavale Says:

    Will this work on 20somethings?

  2. Sara Says:

    OOOh! Just like Romper Stompers!!

  3. Alissa Says:

    i’m assuming these cans are empty?

  4. chris Says:


    Yes, unless you want to have canned goods leaking all over your house. That is totally up to you ;-)

  5. alice Says:

    OMG!! I totally remember those now!! Funny.

  6. Kara Says:

    Love this idea!

  7. Impromptu-Mom Says:

    Ohh! I sooo loved these when I was little!

    ‘Romper Stompers’ lol!

    I thought I was the last person on Earth old enough to remember that show! Thank You Sara!

  8. Angela Says:

    “I’m assuming these cans are empty?”

    Ohmygosh…. ROTFLMAOPIMP!

  9. bob Says: