things are still annoying me

I knew that once I wrote I would share a rant a day that suddenly all my rantings would try up on me when I sat down to type

My rant for today is clothing manufacturers and their completely arbitrary sizes. This weekend I was in Old Navy and bought two light weight polar fleece pullovers. In a size medium. Anyone who has met me knows that I am not medium sized. When I shop at Ann Taylor I am an XS or S if I want whatever it is to be roomier.

It annoys me that there is no consistent sizing. And not just between different manufacturers, but even within the same store.

But my love for these new pullovers overcame my annoyance and I bought 4 more today. I love them. They fit me perfectly. Are the perfect warmth and aren’t too bulky. And the fact that I love them means that Old Navy will stop making them. Because that is just the sort of luck that I have.

12 Responses to “things are still annoying me”

  1. Kate Says:

    Yeah, Old Navy and Ann Taylor are pretty much opposites. I’m normally a size 4/6, but Ann Taylor has me in a 0/2 and Old Navy in an 8.

    And while you’re on the rant, what about kids clothes? My 9 month old is in everything from 6 months to 2T. Yikes.

  2. Lorraine Says:

    Picking up on what Kate said… Why are all kids clothes made for larger-sized kids?? My 3 year old DD is slim, but she is starting to shoot up in height. I mean, God bless the genius who decided kids pants should have little pull elastics in them so that I can make the waist size smaller on her 3T pants which barely fit her lengthwise…. but with all that extra fabric bunched up in the butt, she looks like she has a HUGE bubble butt! Poor kid…

  3. Brigitte Says:

    My skinny girlie’s pants are always falling down!

    While I’m the opposite, I need L or XL sizes, but I have a dress that still fits and claims it’s a size 5! Do they think I’m so stupid and blind that I’ll believe THAT!? I haven’t been size 5 since I was about 96 pounds (a hundred years or so ago).

  4. jen Says:

    It’s like BabyGap sizing. Everyone else I buy clothes from seem to ‘get it right’ - trouser length, sleeve length, etc. BabyGap? Nah. My son is 15 months, and he’s quite happy in his 12-18 month sizing (mr average) so it’s easy to buy for him; in pants/dungarees, is even slightly small for some of them. But BabyGap? He’s grown out of that and is in their 18-24 month gear. It’s bizarre! He missed out on wearing a pair of cute pants as I’d put them in the 12-18 month box, which he’d grown out of before he turned 10 months. Everyone else over-sizes kids clothes - why not GAP? It’s depressing enough having to wear a size larger for my GAP clothes without wasting money on things that are too small for my son! Guh. And it’s not like I can get a 15 month old to try stuff on!

    (I am guessing that as Old Navy and GAP are the same company, this is a company-wide problem. Sucks.)

  5. Mom on the Gulf Coast Says:

    Yes, Old Navy, Gap, and Bannana Republic are different $$ of the same corporation. Quality changes a bit between the three but price is more the differential.


  6. Natalie Says:

    I have to agree about kids sizes too. Are kids in general so fat that they have to make all the pants wider? And what’s with the leap in sizes. My daughter’s 3T pants fit like floods, so I went and bought some 4T pants and they’re way too long and too wide at the waste.

  7. Katrina Says:

    Old Navy seems to be the worse for me. I bought 2 pairs of the SAME pants at The first pair fit great so I didnt think twice about trying on the other pair. I went to put them on a week or 2 later and sure enough the second pair of pants were TINY. I couldnt even get them past my knees. Nice way to make a pregnant women feel huge-Thanks old navy!!

  8. Laziza Says:

    I don’t think you have to worry about sounding immodest here, so feel free to answer the following question: How in the world are you an extra-small to small after having seven children? Seriously, I’m curious. Just the way you’re built? High metabolism? No time to eat? Chasing after the kids all day?

  9. Nickel Says:

    Yeah, I know this was a rant on kids clothing sizes (SOOO annoying I won’t even start) but, how DO you get rid of muffin top?

    I’ve only had two kids!! sure I can wear my pre-pregnancy pants but I have this really attractive muffin top haning over!

  10. Izzy Says:

    Oh man…don’t EVEN get me started. Whenever someone asks what sizes my kids wear, I have to preface my answer with “Well, that depends on where you’re shopping and what brands you get. If it’s Target…”

  11. Lorraine Says:

    I found a neat little hint (although I don’t sew, so I’ll probably never do it - lol) for girls like my daughter who is too tall for her pants by the time they fit her waist…
    Sew a band of ribbon etc to the bottom to lengthen them a little. Or, in the summer, cut them off and make capris or shorts out of them the same way.

    Maybe we can all start a size regulation revolution!? Oh, and BTW, the sizing is sooo different between Canada & the US! Esp. in shoes! The grandparents never know what size to send!

  12. veronica Says:

    Nothing is worse than bra sizes. After bra-shopping I find myself having violent fantasies about ramming an underwire right through the manufacturer’s misogynist little heart.