and today it is…

Parking lot etiquette:

1) If you are putting packages into you car, but intend to go back into the store for more shopping, you should wave on any cars who stop and wait. So that they, and those trapped behind them, can move on.

2) If you see someone leaving a store do not follow them slowly through the parking lot. That is just weird and creepy. And then when you sit there in the car you seem so annoyed while they put their packages in the trunk, put the kids in the carseats, eat a snack and apply some lipstick. No one is forcing you to wait there.

3) People who stop in the parking lot close to the store entrance and wait there for a parking spot to open up, when there are plenty of other ones available further back in the parking lot. And while I understand that some people might not be able to walk far and could benefit from the proximity of the mall entrance, surely the amount of people I see doing this are not all incapacitated in some way. Find a spot that is already vacant or else stay home and out of my way.

4) This isn’t really in the parking lot, but if I hold the door open for you at the mall entrance, I expect a thank- you. You don’t have to genuflect, kiss my rings, or salute, unless you want to. Just a simple, “thanks” will suffice.

13 Responses to “and today it is…”

  1. C Says:

    Clearly you have never been to the Galleria in Houston during Christmas shopping season! You stalk those poor people like you wouldn’t believe because if you dont you will wait three hours for a spot!


  2. Karen Rani Says:

    Could you come to my city and smack a few people around for me? Thanks Chris. :)

  3. Kris Says:

    What about when you are waiting on a spot and have your signal on and someone comes around the corner and snags your spot? That stinks!

  4. Brigitte Says:

    Ooh, I’ve had people do that to me, Kris!

    I’m guilty of number one, mainly because I feel that the people who commit #2 and #3 deserve to be left sitting there like the lazy, stalking idiots they are. Even in the Xmas season, I’ve only ever ONCE seen the mall parking lot full all the way out to the far spaces. For the majority of people - you’ve got legs, use them!

    OK Chris, you’ve got seven children to control all through the parking lot, so you have my official permission to look for a close spot ;-) but I think most of us could stand to burn a few extra colories anyway. I usually just pick a far off spot to avoid the hassle of fighting everyone, or better off, avoid the mall entirely.

  5. Wendy Says:

    I agree, especially now that the Christmas season is upon us. There is currently only 2 malls open in our large area and I am dreading going to either of them this year. I hope to do all my shopping from the comfort of my sofa. Let the UPS man do all the heavy lifting.

    I do have one to add: If you see me holding the door open for my husband who is pushing a stroller with my 9 mo old and trying to hold the hand of my 4 yr old, you do not have the right to sneak in around us to get in the door, especially when the other set of doors are not being used. I am sure you have a lot of important shopping to do on a Sunday, but I dont think the 30 seconds it takes us to get through the door is going to kill you.

    I hate when people steal the parking space that you are clearly waiting for. It was really bad when I worked at the mall. I would have to arrive 2 hours before my shift just to get a parking space.

  6. Christina Says:

    I have finished my x-mas shopping, this weekend actually, so that I can avoid the malls until January, precisely to avoid all of those awful people. I can’t, however, avoid Walmart as we will need to eat so I will try and muster enough patience to survive without pulling a “fried green tomatoes parking-lot” moment as I have often envisioned, especially now that I am one of those women with excellent car insurance!!!

  7. Alice H Says:

    I don’t think people should stalk parking spots if it’s holding up traffic. I think it’s deserved if someone stalks a parking spot, and there are cars behind them, they get what they deserve when the spot ends up not being available.

    But I tend to park in the first available parking spot anyway. Or, if I’m parking at one of the two malls in town that obviously didn’t plan their parking to match the number of stores, I pony up the five bucks for valet. Which sounds snobby, but I hate driving around looking for parking. It seems to take more time than it would to park the car and walk the extra few minutes.

  8. Sandy Says:

    My biggest pet peeve at the mall is when I’m struggling to open the door and get my side-by-side double stroller through it (or even just heading to the door) there are so many people who very deliberately detour to the farthest door from where I am. Sorry to inconvenience you, I wouldn’t have appreciated any help at all, thank you.

  9. Mir Says:

    I demand that people genuflect before me. You’re going soft, girl. ;)

  10. Lisa Says:

    As if I need another reason to shop online!

  11. Kara Says:

    I agree with all of them but especially no. 4…I can’t tell you how many times I say thankyou to folks who help me open the door..but when I do it for a strange I don’t even get a smile or a look…they just walk on by. geesh

  12. CathyC Says:

    My mother is #3. Totally, and all the way. I just came back from shopping, and I parked FAR, because I could practically hear you talking in my ear, Chris. As I walked closer to the store, there were 3 stalkers. It made me wish I had printed this post out this morning so that I could have given them a copy, LOL.

  13. Tricia Says:

    I like to shout out, which usually comes out more like a semi-loud, sort of whisper,murmur thing ‘Your Welcome’ as folks walk past me while I hold the door. And how about people who walk by you as your staring at the grocery store shelves without saying excuse me or people who can’t seem to figure out where to return the shopping cart and just leave them pell-mell all over the parking lot…don’t get me started!