hands-on science

Step One

One gallon jug of white vinegar: $2.49

Step Two

Box of baking soda: $.55

Step Three

Single serving bottle of soda: $1.09

Step Four Originally uploaded by the big yellow house.

Getting to watch the excitement of your children as they direct their own learning : PRICELESS

Getting hit in the head by the cork as it flies out of the soda bottle: occupational hazard

4 Responses to “hands-on science”

  1. ~Tammy~ (cowmomba) Says:

    Hi Chris! I really love your blog. I am a homeschooling mom to seven myself- six boys and one girl. I am down to just four boys left at home, but the baking soda and vinegar really brought back memories.

    When my oldest two were 10 and 11 years old, they got to stay home alone for the first time while Mom and Dad went and bought groceries.

    For some reason they couldn’t ever explain, their vinegar and baking soda experiment came to mind while we were gone. Being the creative boys they were, they found some empty 35mm film canisters to use for the war game they devised. They “invented” a trigger device for their little bombs… pour a bit of vinegar into the film canister, then gently depress a bit of tissue across the mouth of the canister to put the baking soda in and keep it dry until you throw it, then cap it.

    They had a glorious time throwing these little bombs at one another while we were gone, and never once realised what a mess they were making…. until we pulled into the driveway. All the walls, floors, furniture, and two scared boys covered in drippy white residue. (Like you after that ball game, LOL)

    The boys are 25 and 26 now, and their memory of the event is centered soley on missing the carnival they were going to be allowed to attend that night. They were cleaning up the mess far into the night…

  2. Katie Says:

    I’d love to see the fourth step, but it’s marked Private through Flickr.

  3. KimC Says:

    You forgot to add the cost of a bottle of wine. Where else do we get the cork?

  4. Message Sahaja Yoga Says:

    Your post is on target. Keep it up.