One week

That is how long I have gone without stepping foot in a store of any kind.

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  1. Anna Says:

    Seriously!? That is just supreme will power! Great job! I haven’t stepped foot in the grocery store for a week…but that’s just me being lazy…probably doesn’t count… ;-)

  2. Nicole Mc Says:

    Good for you!! I was in the same boat, i went to Target tonight..BUT, i paid for 80% of my bill with a gift card from Christmas. So technically i only spent 15. Not bad, i told my self NO thru the whole store. It really does get easier!!

  3. M&Co. Says:

    O.K. Target I get but how do you get away without going to the grocery store? I have 1/3 fewer kids than you do and I think I’ve been to the grocery store three times in the last week!

  4. Angie Says:

    Awesome! I think the last time I did that was when we had a blizzard last Tuesday and we couldn’t get out of the house. LOL

  5. Sasha Says:

    I realized today when I walked into Target that I hadn’t been into a store in over a week. It was strange at first that I hadn’t and then strange that I thought it was strange that I hadn’t.

    Before the kids, the only shopping I did regularly was grocery shopping roughly once a month for Hubs and I.

    Thinking back to walking into Target, it was the bright lights that made me realize I hadn’t been in a store for that long.

    It’s such a crazy thing. Or maybe it’s just me. Let us know when you do set foot in a store again if it’s weird to you… that way I know I’m not just weird. :-p

  6. susannah Says:


  7. Brigitte Says:

    Not even groceries?

    On grocery-stores, by the way, sometimes people here say the local IGAs are more expensive than the super-duper-mega-giga-grocery store, and maybe that’s true for individual items . . but I find I spend less overall at the little IGAs because I’m not spotting all these really intriguing exciting food items that are making me plot gourmet meals in my head. Then again, as you dislike cooking (and can’t eat anything fun anymore), maybe that’s not a problem for you!

  8. Ladybug Crossing Says:

    Good for you!!
    We went to home depot last night for rock salt and fluorescent lights.
    That’s what we got.
    We live large.
    Keep up the good work!
    I’m right here in the trenches with you.

  9. Jen Says:

    Including ‘virtual’ shops?! Well done…

  10. josy Says:

    bravo!! you’re doing it!

  11. Missy Says:

    Not even a grocery store? But that won’t count, because those are necessities. Hmmm… What about “services,” like hair salons? I haven’t “shopped” this week, but I did go to two salons for hair color and then a wax (the latter which my husband and I both consider a necessity). I spent $200 on the combined trips, and feel guilty, though it doesn’t actually increase the JUNK accumulation in our house.

  12. Sherry Says:

    Good for you! I admire what you’re doing. Wish I had the guts!

  13. Jenn Says:

    I’ve only been to the grocery store this week!
    I’m trying to follow your example.

  14. carrie Says:

    That’s HUGE! Keep it up!

  15. Jennic Says:

    I’ve read with interest with the purging and de-cluttering. It’s a great way to kick off the new year. God knows we also have so much stuff. The matter is, can I let go of some of them..

    I’m curious, does this one-week “off” also apply to no online purchases?

  16. Kate Says:

    are you shaking? It’s like shopping detox.

  17. debby Says:

    Are you sure you don’t want to at least go grocery shopping? It’s about to snow and that’s always my favorite time to shop. I must be weird, though, because I don’t think I need 14 loaves of bread like everyone else apparently does.

  18. Penelope Anne Says:

    Good for you.

  19. Justamom Says:

    I’ve been reading this all with interest and must say KUDOS to you! This is a great thing you’re doing on a variety of levels. Not just to reduce our stuff, but also to reduce waste, reduce greed, reduce “want” and really reshape your frame of mind towards money and stuff.

    I don’t want this to sound ugly, because I truly do not mean it that way at all. Just be thankful that this is an experiment of sorts for you. There are many people who are in the same situation, but they don’t shop because they don’t have any extra money to shop. They don’t have a credit card to fall back on to support their shopping habits. They’re broke. They are avoiding stores because they have to, not because they want to.

    It is a good position to be in when you CAN shop, but choose not to.

  20. Nicole Says:

    That is great! I’ve already been to the store twice this week :( Keep up the great work!

  21. Wendy Says:

    Are you sure you are okay? Do we need to rush you some emergency chocolate or something?

    Since we have been on a financial diet, I have been looking forward to grocery shopping and Target. I do them once a week and then have a smoke after. I am on a budget for both, so I just walk around, especially Target, and convince myself that I don’t need any of that stuff. Oddly, I am not too depressed afterward.

  22. Lisa- domestic accident Says:

    What can I say? I’m in awe.

  23. Maine Mom Says:

    And think of all the stuff that you won’t have to get rid of in years to come!

  24. Alissa Says:

    now that is impressive… but i need to know where DID you go? i can’t stay home all week, i lose my mind.

  25. wookie Says:

    But how does it feel?

  26. Susana Says:

    Isn’t it a great feeling?!

  27. Melissa Says:

    I’m with Alissa - did you get out somewhere, anywhere?

    Chris says: I went lots of places… doctor appointments, kids art lessons, the library, etc… just no stores.

  28. Kim Says:

    I haven’t been shopping in a long time, either. But I must confess that it’s because I am unable to drive because I broke my left arm on New Year’s Eve.

    Thanks for this interesting blog, Chris. There is much to think about here - and right now I have a lot of time to sit and think.

  29. Patricia Says:

    great job! Other than food shopping I haven’t been in a store since well before the holidays

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