Quote of the day

My almost 9 yr old was telling his 5 and 7 yr old brothers about a book he just read on the Gold Rush.

“The Gold Rush happened a long time ago. I can’t remember the date exactly but I think it was in the middle 1800’s. I do know that they only had black and white tv way back then.”

“We should ask Mom. I’m sure she remembers.”

12 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Lucie Says:

    Chris love the new web site-have fun at Blogher and remember-you invented the internet not Al Gore LOl

  2. the womom Says:

    oh that’s funny.

  3. Heather Says:

    HAHAHA! My youngest told asked me what it was like to live in the “old days” when I was a little girl. (blink, blink) I was born in 1971. My gawd, he thinks I am ancient!

  4. ~Tammy~ (cowmomba) Says:

    When my oldest was 17 and had his first job, he came home excited at having made a friend among his co-workers. He described the man as “upper middle aged… you know, Mom- about your age”.

  5. ben Says:

    My son refers to black and white shows as “grey,” and considers them vastly inferior to modern productions like “Star Wars” (which is ONLY thirty years old) and “The Wizard of Oz.”

    Just do NOT make him watch a grey show, it ain’t gonna happen. Not even Grey’s Anatomy.

  6. EK Says:

    HO HAH! Yep, my kids too think I roamed about with dinos :P

    Have a blogher ball!

  7. Laundry Woman Says:

    Ha! I found you. I am a mother to six. We are going to homeschool again, AND, I am going to college myself. Nice to meet you. I have found someone to relate to.

  8. Natalie Says:

    My 4 year old is always saying things like “when you’re little like me”, as though I’ll somehow grow smaller. =)

    I love the things kids say.

  9. Jenna Says:


    In kindergarten, my Brother asked my Mom what life was like when she was 50. He’s now 17 and she’s still not 50 yet. ;)

  10. Woman with Kids Says:

    Ouch. I would reward him with a looong story about how you had to walk to school, up hill both ways in 10 feet of snow all year ’round.

  11. Briana Says:

    Both my husband and I laughed out loud with this one. Thanks for sharing. Very, very cute. I love the things kids say sometimes.

  12. Cathy Says:

    Chris, this one is a gem that Reader’s Digest would pay you $300 for (original material). You should send it in, could pay for a tshirt on a future Disney trip.