I Didn’t Buy It

I Didn't Buy It

See those metal tongs that cost $8.99. I picked them up and then decided that I really didn’t need them. I already have two pair of these identical tongs.

I wanted a new pair because the other ones are old and battered up looking. But they still work.

Three days down, 362 to go.

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  1. jessie Says:

    I have read your blog for awhile and fully enjoy it. It makes me laugh a lot and puts things in perspective. I love this idea and my husband and I are figuring out how we can do this ourselves. I think you are right in the fact that we forget what is a real need and a want. I am looking forward to reading your journey. I am sure it will bring lots of laughs.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    You’ll be happy to know that because of your influence, I decided to organize the closet under our stairs yesterday. It is where the board games and school supplies live. I was a middler school teacher, but am now a stay at home mom to a 6 month old. I found in 4 different tubs of school and office supplies more than 10 NEW boxes of assorted Crayola crayons, colored pencils and markers. Before I had the baby, I had a bad habit of buying Crayola products when I was at Target because 1) we could never afford Crayola as a kid, and 2) they would be on sale and hey, I would always need them for the classroom, right?

    I hadn’t been paying attention, and I had grown a huge collection of them under the stairs.

    Anyway, I kept one box of used markers, one big box of used crayons, and all the new stuff was donated to the local after school program.

    Thanks for your inspiration Chris, I feel lighter already! :-)

  3. ashley Says:

    good for you!

  4. Alissa Says:

    i’m attempting to do a modified version of this… and i have trouble if i even leave the house… shopping/spending is obviously an addiction for me…

    i went with a friend to Michael’s last night… being a scrapbooker/crafter… that was incredibly hard. i left with nothing and felt damn good.

  5. Midsummer Night Says:

    First success! Yea!

  6. She Likes Purple Says:

    I’m seriously proud. I am sort of obsessed with tongs lately, and that’s not even meant to mock. I really, really want some new tongs.

  7. carrie Says:

    I think this is a great idea. I am the same way, I can talk myself into “needing” anything, especially at Target. It’s a disease, I know.

    Looking forward to seeing how this works for you — hopefully, it’ll catch on!

  8. Hillary in KS Says:

    You know, even though you’re not *trying* to save money, I think it would be interesting to somehow keep track of what you didn’t buy throughout the year. Maybe a list of items wanted, but not purchased? Or, if you use Quicken or Money, you could compare spending rates from this year to last year. (”In 2007 I spent x$ at Target. It 20o8, I spent Y$.)

    I think the end result would be surprising!

  9. Susan Says:

    I’m proud of you. You’re totally inspiring me. I can not tell you how many hundreds of dollars I waste every single month on CRAP. And then I whine that I’m always broke. Hmph.

  10. Jaye Says:

    I’m in this with you girlfriend! No more crap in 2008! Except that I bought myself two books and my children 5 books today :( But one was a Bible, so I can’t possibly get in trouble for buying a bible. And I bought chapstick. But I *need* chapstick. Damn, this is going to be harder than I thought.

  11. Natalie Says:

    I just love the whole idea of not shopping - or at least, a drastic reduction in the mindless consumption of things - especially things we don’t need.

    I don’t think I can give up buying books (we homeschool, and sometimes, our local library doesn’t have/isn’t willing to buy something, or else it’s something I know my kids will appreciate), but I’m seriously considering giving up our Costco membership. It’s not up for renewal until June, so I have some time to practice. ;) And Target - it’s an hour from me, but when I go, I never leave with less than $300 of goods…that has to stop. So, no Target for me, either.

    I’ve really been motivated by that storyofstuff site; it was very eye-opening!

  12. hokgardner Says:

    Because of your influence, I didn’t buy two things today, and I’ve sworn off shopping at Target for the next 30 days. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  13. Rachel May Says:

    Good job at recognizing a small success! It’s the same for me with my weight loss — I pat myself on the back for NOT eating the chocolate cupcake that was placed in front of me today at lunch. :)

  14. kellie Says:

    I say hats’ off to you on this one.

    I have to some extent done the same thing and have done what I can to iget my children on board as well. For the very same reason, an abundance of stuff that we did not NEED that is now all about the house. I am tired of looking at, picking it up and moving it from room to room. why? how did it get here?

    I am sure you will find it is easier as you go on, like anything else and hey after what you have given up with the food thing…this will be cake.

  15. Toby Says:

    Woohoo! I am cheering you on and cheered myself with reminders of you today when I took 3 of the dc to the mall and we bought… nothing!

  16. Jen @ amazingtrips Says:

    Thank goodness you bought your new camera LAST year.

    I brought my camera in to a store recently to take pictures of how I go grocery shopping with 3-year old triplets and a newborn and a manager came up and was very concerned that I was taking pictures inside their store. Because I’m sure with four children in diapers, I’m a dead giveaway for someone that would be doing research for their competition. Be careful and take your pictures within stores on the sly. I’d really hate to have someone confiscate your new D40x!!

    By the way: after I read your resolution yesterday, I was discussing it with my husband over dinner and he said “Wow! That’s a great idea. Let’s try not buying anything for three months!” By the time we were getting ready for bed that time had been whittled down to a month. This morning, after reading a review on a steam mop (that cleans a floor BETTER than a regular mop) - that time has been whittled down to a week. So, next week at this time, I will be the proud owner of a new Bissell Green Tea steam mop. But not a moment sooner…!!

  17. Brigitte Says:

    Good girl - I’m tempted to “upgrade” a lot too. Especially with our towels and bedding, just because they get old or have a stain or I’m just tired of them. But nobody SEES them, and it’s not like they stopped working, so I mentally slap myself down whenever I see some I want. It’s hard, though!

    I hope you keep all the old stuff from the former blog archived, there was lots of stuff in there I loved, but never printed, because I could look it up anytime!

  18. DW Says:

    I am so glad that blackberry is going to good use.

  19. Sue Says:

    Your blogs have inspired me for some time now. Thanks to you, we had an (almost) China-free Christmas complete with a really-awesome Plan Toys dollhouse that I…I mean, the KIDS… can’t stop playing with. Two of my resolutions for this year are to upgrade my wardrobe (now that I can no longer use pregnancy or infant spit-up as an excuse for sweats) and redecorate my family room in such a way that my family will actually spend time in it. And yet, like you, I am overwhelmed by all the crap we have accumulated. So, although I am keeping my resolutions because they are important, you have made me re-examine how I will go about them, AND how many trips I will take to Target this year. In fact, I think I will give up shopping for Lent (or at least Target) and see how it goes. We *really* need very little and I am anxious to see what inner-conflicts you work through and where you draw the lines for your family.

    So thanks for the inspiration. I did love the old blog too, especially all the toy recommendations, but I can’t wait to read more about this!

  20. Tammy H Says:

    At dinner, I suggested that we try this for the month of January. My husband LOVED the idea - my children groaned. My ten year old informed me that Wallabies are a need. I later found out the Wallabies (sp??) are a pair of $100 shoes! :) I am fairly certain that “date night” is a need for us! I can’t wait to follow this site and see how you’re doing.

  21. Jenni Says:

    I love the idea of this, but know that I would need to get my husband on board to even attempt it. Of course, he already thinks he has whittled down his spending to needs only. Because he needed that paint. And we needed a new game for the Wii (which we just got for Christmas and already had 5 games for). Not that I’m much better. Because really, how many acrylic alphabet stamps does one person really need?

  22. Maxine Says:

    My DW and I are on board with this and we have documented a few exceptions. We will be going on a knitting cruise in May (the first vaca we have ever paid cash for) and we will need a few new things, but we will be very discretionary and they will be usefull otherwise needs.

    When panties or bras are below 7 in working quantity, we have permission to buy replacements to equal seven in working order.

    No new yarn for me except on vacation, and only when it is something not available otherwise (locally at home or online). I think it will be pretty easy to only get scarf quantities of local hand spun or dyes.

    I am going to link you on my blog so I can follow the journey in an effort to keep my resolve. Good luck and congrats on the tongs!

  23. dana Says:

    On target! You know, this morning, I thought of you and of my resolution to not buy unnecessary things (I’m just dabbing my toes in…). I was getting my hair trimmed (which only costs 12.00 by the way and it needed it!) and I was perusing and very tempted to purchase some of the styling products the stylist had. (like 20.00 a bottle for gel or mousse..I just love the way they smell…) but I didn’t. I thought “I have about 27 bottles of various gels, mouses, hairsprays, etc. at home that I don’t even USE, so why should I spend $20.00 or even $16.50 for another one? And I didn’t purchase it.

    I was so happy that I went out and bought myself a new car to my resisting……

    KIDDING :)

  24. dana Says:

    to “celebrate my resisting” - oh well, I obviously can’t type!

  25. Miguelina Says:

    Wow, it must be in the air. I’m doing the same thing and just posted about it. Good for you! Can’t wait to see more!

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