Holiday Gift Guide: Castle Blocks


You need something to shoot your catapult at, don’t you?

I don’t have this exact set either. But we have a set of hand made castle blocks we got about 10 years ago. Truth be told the set pictured above is even nicer than the one we have.

Handcrafted in California out of Ponderossa Pine.

AND the set is on sale right now for $99 for all 133 pieces.

13 Responses to “Holiday Gift Guide: Castle Blocks”

  1. mel Says:

    Oh my giddy aunt! That is GORGEOUS! How could your imagination not go into overdrive with this set?

  2. Kris Says:

    With free shipping, this was really a steal. Thanks, Chris!

  3. Nancy in AK Says:

    Thanks for the gift guide series of posts. It is great. Please post more!

  4. Janet Says:

    You have to stop!!! I’ve ordered 5 things so far and I was already finished with my shopping!!

  5. Rachel Says:

    If you really like the deluxe set you can get it on “sale” by ordering the 133 piece set for $99, the round tower set for $45 and the Roman arches for $7. The shipping would be $7.20 for those two additional pieces. (I inquired about all of this through email with the ‘blocksmith’) So the total would be $158.20 with shipping instead of $191 plus shipping. These are really awesome. I was also “done” with my shopping. If DH tries to kill me, I’ll blame Chris!!

  6. Maria Says:

    I was checking in to see what new things you added to the Holiday guide HOPING to find the perfect gift for my very busy 9 yr old son. He is not into toys per se…likes to DO things. These are perfect !!! I ordered them on the spot ! Thanks so much !! :)

  7. mel Says:

    Chris, you should get a commission from the Blocksmith on these. Looks like five of us have ordered, including myself, and I’m sure a few others who haven’t commented. GREAT find!

  8. Kim Says:

    I read about Beka Deluxe Blocks on the review site 3LUXE. Has anybody else heard of them and have an opinion? If you want to see the review, it’s This site is really good but I want to hear what others think too!

  9. Rebecca Says:

    tsk tsk, you’re slacking. . . we’re waiting for the next gift suggestion. you’d think you’re busy putting up a christmas tree or something. . .

  10. Daisy Says:

    I think we had a (much smaller) set when we were kids. It was a classic toy; my kids played with them at Grandma’s, too.

  11. mauree Says:

    I always value your opinion– now my faith is shaken. I received the 133 piece set and felt like I was the village fool. The pictures are really deceiving– this set although 133 piece– is small. Smaller than you can believe—- I think our grandma ( who is actually this gift’s giver) will loose her composure when I tell her this cost $99. Also — the wood is quite soft…………….think this is a big let down!

  12. chris Says:


    I am sorry that this was a disappointment. I did say that I don’t have this set. I came across it on the internet and thought it looked really nice and had a sculptural quality about it.

    I would return it if you are disappointed. For $99 you should be dancing around the square, and not with the fools hat on.

  13. Angela Says:

    I got this too (actually the grandparents did) based on your picture! It was worth it! :) I noticed on the web site, it is explained that it is small and made of pine (soft, not for teethers). I think of this as a toy that will grow with our children. They cannot put it together based on the instructions yet, but they can make simpler castles for now, and later they’ll hopefully enjoy the puzzle aspect. The grandparents DID mention that the price was steep for something so small, but it is beautiful, handmade and we are happy with it. Thank you for sharing!

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