Holiday Gift Guide: Digital Cameras for Kids

Taking a picture of me taking a picture of them

I am putting this here for those of you who are coming just for the gift guide and not regular readers of my other blog. Which, why aren’t you?

Those of you who have already read the review can carry on. Or you can read it again!

I reviewed these four cameras here.

I have no idea where they are manufactured. So if you are looking for items that are solely China free, you might be out of luck.

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  1. JayMonster Says:

    If you want a low cost child’s digital camera not from China, you can be SURE you are out of luck.

    Honestly though, with the exception of perhaps the littlest of picture takers, I think most people would be better off spending a few dollars more, and just watching for a sale on a low end adult camera. I frequently see camera in Target or Kmart as low as $69 for “closeout” camera with 2 or more mega pixels and better “glass” for a more satisfying picture experience for the kids.

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