Holiday Gift Guide: Catapult

I know, I can hear you now. But they will shoot their eyes out! It hasn’t happened here yet and I think I have rather rowdy children. We do have basic ground rules like not using it for shooting hard objects– not so much for eye protection but for my windows. Ping pong balls or bean bags are ideal and still have enough force to knock down little castles, stacked tin cans, empty soda bottles.

Lots of fun for ages 3 to 93. We have had this exact one for 7 years and aside from replacing the elastic bands it is still in perfect working condition.

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  1. t in hd Says:

    Hmmm, dh has been making the kids catapults for years. They’re a huge hit around here but they keep breaking. Of course, the ones he makes aren’t really built for the duration, like the one Miles is playing with there in the picture. Think I’ll show dh that pic and send him back out to the shop….

  2. Brandi Says:

    Miles makes a great toy model, I don’t think he could be any cuter!

    Thank you btw, I don’t know if you realize how much help you have been but I have found this Holiday Gift Guide an absolute must-have. I never knew of Plan Toys before but I went and looked at their online site and found an online dealer too. I love their products, ordered two, and told the grandparents about more. I also found several of that brand at our only independently owned toy store while we were shopping tonight.

    I think this year we’re only getting one plastic toy, and that’s the toy Dyson (can you blame me?), and that’s due in large part to your sharing the other toy options out there. Granted, we’re not going nuts but 1 plastic out of 5 toys total makes me feel better than the glut of plasticity we’ve done in years past. So, thanks!

    Sorry for blathering but please keep sharing.

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