first round of questions

Hi! I’ve been reading your other blog over the last few months & I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy it. I’ve wondered a few things though…first, what made you want to start a blog & what is your motivation for doing it now? Do you make any money for writing them or anything?

Well, thank you. I always love getting positive email. It makes me feel connected to the people who are reading. I began writing a blog as an online journal and it was only after writing for a few months that I discovered that there was a thriving community of great women writers out there. It was wonderful and made me feel less alone. And we all know that mothering can be a very lonely affair sometimes.

I am still in awe of all the great people I have met through their blogs. People who make me laugh, make me think, or challenge me in some way.
Paid? Haaaahahahahaha. Oh, sorry. No, I don’t get paid for writing. Unless someone out their reading wants to pay me. Any takers? Ahem…

I do have ads up, and while I am extremely grateful for the revenue it produces, it isn’t like I could live on it. But as advertisers become more aware of what a powerful medium blogs are they will be more inclined to pay for advertising space on them, including mine. So, I’m hopeful I’ll be able buy shiny things… like braces for my children.

Also, I wondered what state you all live in, so I can kind of picture where all of these family adventures are taking place. I’m guessing somewhere in the middle of the country…

I live in New England, which is in the northeast for those of you who are geographically challenged, not saying that you are. It is a small town that is a bit too far from the nearest large city to be considered a suburb. Some people in my town have small family farms with cows or horses. Other people are city folk who come to the town on weekends and holidays and walk around in their LL BEan garb and call everything “quaint.”

I’m not either one of those. It is all I can manage to keep seven children alive, so forget about animals. Also, I don’t like to get dirty or sweat. Oh and I am not rich enough to have a weekend house, one house is mroe than enough to keep clean.

Third, I just wondered out of curiosity if you really always say the things you write to people and your kids, or if you take poetic license and add stuff to make it more funny.

Everything that I write is the true. Trust me I couldn’t make this stuff up. People are crazy out there in the world. I wish I could make this sort of stuff up though, because then I would have enough of an imagination to finish writing my book.

So, just thought I’d write and ask my random questions and tell you I have been enjoying your blog and often laugh out loud at the stuff… which is quite a feat! So, thanks for taking the time to share about your funny adventures in motherhood!

Well, thank you. And keep on reading.

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  1. Laundry Woman Says:

    Okay, that helps. We have quite a bit in common. I still want to know how you pay the bills. Do you get any money from any thing? I mean, the pictures of your house seem clean, organized, and spacious. I’m currently paying rent (okay whatever you want to call it) on the livingroom, as in that is my bedroom because we couldn’t fit six kids into two tiny rooms anymore so I gave up my bedroom to the three biggest girls, gave the babies the kid room and the boy kid (only one of those) I moved into the “closet room.” I have tried in my head lots of ways of rearranging- the hubs will not do bunks because we have wild children, as in roof climbing, tree climbing, jumping from as high a place as they can find kids, so we are attempting those super cheap dangerous trundle beds which the hubs has wired down so they cannot “pop” up and therefore remove important body members (like fingers). If I could do a job that paid us 1100 per month, we could sell our house and have enough down payment to make a mortgage on a large enough home. What I haven’t learned yet is whether there is in fact a possibility of holding down a job while homeschooling, attending college and raising six children. They are all “ours” as in by birth, so we have no other adults sharing custody (therefore the work/cash load.) Just curious how you all do it.

    PS-prostitution is not an option (LOL)