Holiday Gift Guide: Wooden Blocks

I am so happy to discover that Community Playthings, a company I have loved for years, finally has a website. These blocks are made by a self sustaining community sort of like the Amish. I used to live near one of their communities and all the local schools, libraries, and families had their toys. (You can read about their community and business ethics on their About page.

Wooden Blocks I have the Quarter School Set. Before anyone comments on the prices I have to say that these are quality heavy duty blocks, made from Northern hardwood, that will last forever. I have seen other wood block sets that are so lightweight the slightest brush against them sends tower falling down. The blocks also fit together perfectly for building. From their website: The length of each wooden block unit is exactly twice the width, which is exactly twice the thickness.


Their wooden trucks are amazing. The large ones are sturdy enough that kids can sit on them and ride around. We don’t own one of the large semi trucks, but a local library does and that thing has been a magnet for children for 30 years and is still going strong. I am thinking of getting my son the large semi for his birthday this year. We do have all of the village vehicles, which are nice because the kids can build roads and the vehicles are sized perfectly for driving on the block roads.

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  1. sarah Says:

    Those blocks are amazing. I have to admit it’s killing me a little you doing this holiday guide. Australia has nothing like these beautiful toys and I’ve been scouring all the websites you’ve linked to feeling really annoyed and jealous that it costs too much to get them over here! I hope your weekend went well!

  2. steph Says:

    I once was given the greatest gift of all—I had a 50k grant from a large computer company to outfit a brandnew childcare center. I did it all through Community Playthings. The curved shelving, the indoor and outdoor blocks, *everything*.

    It was wonderful. And because it is all so durable and well-made, the place looks brand-spanking new 10 yrs later.

  3. Beth Says:

    I love Community Playthings. We had some of the trucks when I was a child in the 70s. Now, we have one of the little ride on toys, the large semi and various smaller vehicles — seven years old and still gorgeous.

    Best toys of this type, hands down.

    I’ve hankered after the play structures for years lol

  4. Christina Says:

    Cannot thank you enough for this website! I had these blocks growing up and they have mysteriously disappeared! I am going to order some for my son. Thankyou, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

  5. johanna Says:

    When the local day care center closed after 35 years they still had some of the original Community playthings blocks and a set of the big hollow blocks that was at least 30 years old. The stuff lasts forever. It’s a little less expensive than it looks because the prices include shipping.

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