Holiday Gift Guide: Fun for a Girl or a Boy


The classic Slinky. The metal kind, for the love of all things holy not the plastic kind.

I bought several of these to use as stocking stuffers.

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  1. Midsummer Night Says:

    As a kid I got a METAL slinky and silly putty in my stocking every single year. To this day i don’t know which one I loved more. They were the one present I loved every year and was played with till they were unusable. I am continuing the tradition with my kids, even though hubby has no idea what is wrong with plastic ones. Ugh, plastic.

  2. Staci Says:

    Speaking of stocking stuffers…I am in desperate need of some ideas!! I have loved all your toy ideas so far so I was hoping you could help me out!

  3. Brigitte Says:

    You are so right, the metal ones are the ONLY way to go!

  4. reen Says:

    Thanks for reminding me of this! I bought my kids the plastic ones once, because they had a groovy design printed on, but they didn’t even last a day before kinking beyond hope.

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