Holiday Gift Guide

Over the past few days I have gotten numerous emails asking for advice on buying Christmas presents.

“What are you buying for your kids?”
“What did you buy them last year that they liked?”
“What the hell can I buy that isn’t made in China?” (This one might just kill me, by the way.)

And so I thought I would resurrect this poor red headed step child of a blog and post a holiday gift guide that answers these questions. Everything will be items of which I have actual first hand knowledge, a combination of books, toys, and gadgets.

I’ll post a different item every day, maybe more than one a day, I don’t know. I start out with big ideas and don’t follow through. So how about we just say one a day.


2 Responses to “Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. Tom Pinit Says:

    We’ve been fighting this battle going on 2.5 years now, at least since our son was born. With all our family “back East”, we had an excuse not to ask for a lot of stuff, so as not to have to schlep it all back on the plane. But lo and behold, our family ships us stuff in big boxes anyhow that ends up costing $50 or more–to ship! Recently, we’ve gotten better about asking either for money to buy a certain toy/game/book when we get home from the holidays, or it’s money towards plane tickets to come and visit them another time during the year. We should try the more socially and environmentally responsible “donate to our favorite charity” gift giving. Our son is only 2 so maybe the demands will start being voiced by him in the near future.

  2. Amy Garcia Says:

    Hi Chris - just wanted to say thank you so much for your gift guide. I’ve bookmarked so many of your ideas. Thanks for your great posts! I really enjoy them!

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