An fyi

I know you all have probably already read about it, but Thomas the Tank Engine wooden toys recalled.


And he looks so harmless and happy, belying the lead lurking in his shiny coat of blue paint.

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  1. Nohe 5 Says:

    My whole house looks like a train yard. The vacation that I just returned from was to see and ride Thomas. And yet, amazingly, I do not have any wooden Thomas toys in my house. We went with big and plastic and have stuck with it ever since.

  2. Monica Says:

    Ha! I just wrote about this in my new blog this morning. I am really ticked off about this whole thing. I finally sell out and then this happens. Just reconfirms all my suspicions and conspiracy theories. ;)

  3. Wendy Says:

    We dont have any of these toys, but I love that picture.

  4. Says:

    We have lots of Thomas stuff - probably purchased during these dates. I guess I need to look into it - how do you stay on top of all this stuff??? I think this is the 2nd recall you’ve brought to my attention. THANKS!

  5. Kimberly Says:

    No! I hadn’t heard! And we have at least three things on the list. Thanks for posting.

  6. Brandi Says:

    That was a gut punch announcement. I had no idea, thank you. We just sifted through our collection of Thomas sh.. uh, stuff and luckily, none of them were recall items. Thank goodness for hand-me-down toys pre-2005. ;-)

    Please keep us informed of recalls, I really appreciate it!

  7. Brigitte Says:

    Oh no, didn’t you get the big deluxe set and train table and everything? Are you able to sneak it out without Myles noticing, or (since he’s past putting everything in his mouth) keeping it at this point?

  8. dcrmom Says:

    What the heck??? I have no idea when and where mine were purchased. How annoying.

  9. Kathy from NJ Says:

    Would you please share some potty training tips?

  10. Briana Says:

    Yeah. We have 4 little trains and 2 of them are on the recall list. How maddening. And on a couple occasions, my son was adament about sleeping with his “choo choo” which now breaks my heart. I can’t believe he was sleeping with lead paint!
    Oh, and I don’t think that Thomas himself is on the recall list. Or was it? Let me know cause I didn’t see it on the list I looked at.

  11. Alice H Says:

    I think you’ll appreciate this post on Scott Hanselman’s blog.

  12. Jenny Says:

    To stay on top of recalls, check out (US Consumer Product Safety Commission). You can sign up on their subscription list to receive notices of recalls. This includes all kinds of products, from toys to washing machines. You would not believe how many toys/necklaces/trinkets are recalled for lead - Thomas just got the most publicity. And I’ve seen several recalls of hooded sweatshirts with strings, recalled as strangulation hazards. I can’t believe companies still make those!!

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