We are all going to die

Plastic and cancer

I think the bottom line is that we are all going to die. One day at least.

You know, I think, and this is just me talking here, that there are so so many things to worry about that I refuse to let myself get worked up that a plastic water bottle will give my children cancer.

If it is your particular soap box issue, fine. We personally don’t drink milk. But I do let my kids eat cheese. See, I am my own contradiction.

But my children drink soy milk and eat soy products. OH MY GOD, my sons are going to grow boobs!!!

I also avoid heavily processed foods, but even that is subject to my own whims and not based on anything scientific perse.

If I let my boys walk around with glass bottles they would be much more likely to fall, break the bottles, cut themselves bad enough to require stitches, and then develop an antibiotic resistant staph infection and require amputation.

Don’t let a few studies that have not been scientifically proven cause you to rend your clothing and plan your own demise.

If I were going to go there, with the water bottles, I would also have to acknowledge all the other things that they are exposed to daily that have at one time or another been linked to cancer.

All the processed foods that have ingredients I can’t even pronounce
The hormones in milk
Electronics… remember the cell phones causing brain cancer scare a few years back
The ecoli contaminated meat
The ecoli contaminated fruits and vegetables
SOY causes cancer
The off gasses from my child’s crib mattress
Red dye in my children’s food
Hot dogs

What are we supposed to do go outside and nibble some plants and catch rain water in our hands to drink. Except whooooops acid rain. Or is that scare over now? I can’t keep up.

Seriously you can make yourself crazy. (or crazier in my case)

Life is full of risks. All we can do is make our own decisions and at the end of the day hope they are the right ones.

Eat as healthily as possible. Drink water, but not too much because you know that is bad for you too now. And try to come to grips with the fact that much of this life is simply out of our hands.

So now you all can stop emailing me links. :-) Or I will be forced to email you links back, like this one. NOTMILK!

And to think I came here to my blog today to write about transitioning your child from a crib to a bed.

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  1. Karen Says:

    Amen, sister.

  2. jody Says:

    Amen is right.

    I have better things to worry about as well..such as, “When we are out on the open ocean sailing, and the boat starts to sink…..which of our 4 children will you save? Because, you won’t be able to save them all. You know that, right?” This was an actual question posed to me by a family member.

    Pass me the nalgene and soy milk.

  3. Carla Says:

    GREAT post! I agree with everything you wrote :-) Non-milk drinkers here, too.

  4. Kelsey Says:

    I am de-lurking just to thank you! This post has inspired my million dollar idea. Soon I will be rich and famous for my invention of the GLASS sippy-cup! I AM A GENIOUS!!!!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Please, please write about transition from crib to bed. I’m taking my daughter on vacation for a week and unless she suddenly decides she wants to stay in bed when we get home I will need help!! We’ve been working on it for a week and I miss the crib!

  6. mel Says:

    Also de-lurking to say HOORAH! There are so many contradictions in our world, and I myself am also full of them.

    The best piece of advice I’ve gotten—which may have sounded ridiculous or apathetic coming from anyone other than this couple in their fifties who are truly admirable—is “Do the best you can.” I’ve relaxed enough to realize that our world is not perfect and neither am I. Work out the cost vs. benefit and make the decision that seems best to you.

  7. ChristieNY Says:

    I agree, there’s just so much that is out of our hands… :)

  8. Divrchk Says:

    Thank you. There are too many things to worry about. Someone recently e-mailed me a study about car seats and hazardous materials that they are made with and how to get your money back to get a safer seat made with less dangerous chemicals. I have no time for all of this craziness. I just bought 2 more sippy cups made of plastic. The horrors. I am keeping my eye out for more Sigg cups on sale but my kids sleep with sippies of water and I need leak proof for night time.

  9. Christina Says:

    I agree - I have a constantly updated list from my mil of things I’m supposed to worry about, so instead I let her worry for me and I can get on with life!

  10. vickie Says:

    you are so funny! i’d love to hear about the bed transition thing….well, maybe tomorrow.

    ever co-sleep with any of your kids?….if so, any tips to get them in their own bed besides sheer will power and conviction?


  11. Angel Says:

    We use a Klean Kanteen stainless steel sippy cup instead of plastic and it works great!

    But, I definitely agree with your post. It just happened to be easy enough for me to transition us out of using plastic bottles to using stainless steel!

  12. tanya Says:

    My kids are going to be dummies because I warmed their plastic bottles in the microwave…

    Sigh, well at least they will have a good excuse for bad grades and something to blame me for when they hate me as teenagers.

    Do tell, how do you get kids to nap if you are not locking them up in a cage.. uh I mean crib.

  13. chris Says:


    I am intrigued by the stainless steel cup, simply for the reason that I have an unhealthy love of stainless steel.

  14. Stephanie in Rhode Island Says:

    Delurking to say I agree. Loved the boys growing boobs comments!

    Stephanie in Rhode Island

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  16. Maria Says:

    We just got a Kleen Kanteen sippy cup - it’s the coolest. However, we are still gonna die someday, can’t deny it. Darn!

  17. Keiko Says:

    Oh yes, everything gives cancer this days…maybe you can actually change the statement for: we are all going to die…likely from cancer

    Crib to bed, please!!!!

  18. Karen Says:

    Thanks for saying all of this “out loud” for us! My hubby and I were talking just the other day about this same issue with eggs. He had just seen a commercial touting all the benefits of eggs and how GOOD they are for you. Wasn’t it just a few years ago eggs were killing us with cholesterol?

    I think they are all scare tactics to try to make us crazy. Yes, I agree - just do the best you can do - it may be different from another family AND THAT’S OKAY!!!

  19. Andrea Says:

    Just found your blog via a couple others, and I’ve got to say I just love it. I’m not yet a mum (nor yet a wife, come to that) but I never fail to delight in the varied perspectives I am able to get from so many different blogs, and I consider it such a blessing to be at least in some small, small part advised as to what I’m getting into when I say I want a bare minimum of four children (and that’s not the snarky kind of advice/warnings, either; it’s the useful, welcome kind!)

    Your posts are delightful and wonderfully compelling, and I am definitely bookmarking you! Thank you so much for sharing.

  20. Corrie Says:

    Well, at least you’ll be well-hydrated. I also just found you this week and really enjoy your take on motherhood.

  21. t in hd Says:

    Horses for courses. We drink a ton of milk around here but I won’t (knowingly) let soy shadow our doorstep. We all have to draw our own lines in the sand and then live with them. I learned a long time ago that my choices will never meet with everyone else’s approval and I also learned that I really don’t care.

    Our youngest takes a plastic sippy to bed. When we go out, they use their stainless steel Sigg “Flaschen” (bottles). They are rather pricey and don’t expect their cute paint job to last for long, but they are very practical. They are very popular here in Germany but I believe I’ve seen them in the U.S., too.

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  23. lizzy Says:

    Thank you for the lovely, light hearted, honesty. I try to be healthy too but I am always contradicting myself. We will never buy gold fish crackers but we do grill hotdogs 3-4 times a summer. I just tell myself, “At least I’m not doing goldfish AND hotdogs at the same time” (I’m sure we’d just keel over right then and there if we did). In the end, though, we all die of something, so I choose not to stress too much either.

  24. nrp Says:

    And to think that most commercially available milk comes in plastic jugs to boot…

    Much as we’d like to sometimes, curling up in a cave to avoid all this stuff just isn’t going to cut it. The cave’s likely to be dank (we’ll all catch our deaths of colds) and full of deadly fungi. Crazy-making, indeed.

    Here’s another vote for the Klean Kanteens, anyway–though we use Nalgenes too. We’ve each made a little bead bracelet for ours so we can tell them apart.

  25. Brandi Says:


    Thank you for the direct response, in your previous post, that Nalgene’s eliminate the funky taste plastic containers add to water. I emptied the baby’s rice rattle, which is what I said I was using the one Nalgene we had as, and started using it as an actual water container. I was amazed and now I am much better hydrated! No funk-o nasty taste, just water.

    So thank you. I was so impressed in fact, that I went to the Nalgene website to order two other containers, one of which is a leak-proof sippy cup. My son wants to drink more water but I’ve grown to hate his take-n-toss cups as well as his other sippy cups. He’s old enough to have a regular cup at home but in his car seat he’s still to accident prone.

    Again, thanks!

  26. Brandi Says:

    TOO accident prone. Oops.

  27. Sonya Says:

    thanks for the balanced post.
    I know we all have our own issues we will stand for…things we are passionate enough about to make a boundary. But the point of your post was so plain & clear, to encourage all of us to seek balance & (occasionally) sanity, instead of worry & guilt.
    I’m on my way (we’re up to five kids from three within the last year, so I’m still learning).
    Thanks for all the wonderful posts I have read here. Your help is invaluable. I think through many issues thanks to the topics you have wrestled with in your own family.
    thanks again,

  28. rachel Says:

    yep. I have my own soapboxes, and other people have theirs. I think everybody does the best they can.

    I love NotMilk - it makes me feel better about having to avoid it. You know, besides the projectile vomiting. :)

  29. CathyC Says:

    Totally agree with you. That’s why I eat chocolate everyday.

  30. Jennifer Says:

    Please write about the transition from crib to bed. Jack is just about to the point where he can get one leg over and I really need to do that soon.

  31. Elaine Says:

    My dad always said you begain dieing as soon as you were concieved. If you are going to die anyway it may as well be by living your convictions.

    For me it will probably be chocolate that does me in but hey I don’t know a better way to go than w/my Bible in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other. :D

  32. Jennifer Says:

    You forgot about TUNA! Horror of horrors, I ate tuna fish just about every day in college. Every single day. Then I continued to eat it just about every day during the pregnancy of my firstborn twelve years ago. Now apparantly it is verboten.

    What has helped me tremendously is to turn off the TV. Don’t participate in the scare tactics. Don’t watch Dateline or 60minutes. Be blissfully unaware.

  33. Stephanie Says:

    Hooray for all things Nalgene! I’m so glad to hear others are using the nalgenes as well. I have them in all sorts of shapes, sizes and sip-strength. We have a whole collection that just lives in our camping box, we use them for everything, mixing up pancake batter, to drinking hot chocolate- you can make hot chocolate in a nalgene, you know.
    We also use them at home for our regular drinking. And did you know that you can buy a little neoprene sleeve for the nalgene so that your water stays colder longer, and it doesn’t sweat all over the counter.

  34. Suzanne (JoyfulChaos) Says:

    wow, i feel the need to apologize to you and i would never even email something like all that stuff to you. i’m so sorry for stupid people.

    i, personally, love the bottle idea and am contemplating it in our house - i’m just now beginning to feel guilt for making my oldest (age 5) still use sippy cups (you know, because i’m anal retentive about spills, like that).

    and to think i came here to get your playdough recipe.

  35. Katrina Says:

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  36. bliss Says:

    yeah mommy, i’m with you on this one. we don’t drink milk either. but my daughter loves cheese too. *shrug* 6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other right? LOL not one of us knows how we’re gonna skate outta here. but we do know it won’t be alive right? ‘-) we do the best we can as parents and pray about the rest. i do try to watch the red dye tho. it makes me act crazy.

  37. Laura J Says:

    Yeah, and then you can’t really go outside either - because the SUN causes cancer.
    I am right there with ya. It’s too hard to keep up with all this stuff. And, I think excessive worry will lead to an even faster demise!

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