I even bring them on vacation

Sitting in a seat attached to a bike is thirsty work

the nalgene bottles AND the children.

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  1. Rebecca Mercurio Says:

    I am super excited about this water bottle recommendation. I have been on the search for the perfect one, and I’m going to trust you on this one and declare my search over.
    Beautiful pictures from your trip– thanks for sharing!
    You make my childhood dream of having seven children appealing to me once again.

  2. Rebecca Mercurio Says:

    whoops, I messed up my own website link ;)

  3. Jessica Snell Says:

    Nalgenes rock! We have a whole cupboard shelf full of them at my house. Do you know they make little kid-sized ones too?

    My folks (who were biology majors back in the day) tell me that they used to use Nalgene bottles in chemistry classes, back before they were sold as water bottles, because they’re so nonreactive.

    peace of Christ to you,
    Jessica Snell

  4. ChristieNY Says:

    Too cute! I absolutely LOVE the pictures from the trip (I too have one of those selective memories when it comes to these parenting things ;)) and your stories. I’m still giggling over your tomato ordeal! ;)

    BTW, can you tell me what number is on the bottom of the nalgene bottles? I haven’t found them in our local stores but might order some… thanks, Chris! :)

  5. Angel Says:

    You might want to do some research on the “non reactive” claim from Nalgene. Some studies have shown that the #7 plastic bottles actually release Bisphenol A (a hormone disruptor) into whatever liquid the bottle is holding, especially if the bottles are washed in the dishwasher and/or left out in the sun.

    There’s even a comment about it on the Nalgene website, and from Sierra Club.

  6. Brandi Says:

    Do the Nalgene bottles really eliminate that funky taste water usually takes on in a plastic bottle? I think I have one but, frankly, I put rice in it for the baby to use as a rattle. I dislike the plasticy(?) taste so much I don’t use water bottles, I use large cups with lots of ice. Of course, it makes on the go sipping difficult.

    I’ll check back here to see if there is a response later.

  7. amyp Says:

    Angel, I read about this too, while taking Organic Chemistry a few years ago (my husband swears that OChem and Microbiology have ruined me). I got rid of all of my Nalgene bottles (actually kept one for rinsing the kids’ hair). I use a glass bottle now, so I’m a super-fun mom (”Careful, it’s glass. Careful, it’s glass.” you get the idea).

    My husband says that I’m not a “worst-case-scenario” kind of person. I’m a “death-case-scenario” kind of person. I just feel like I need to limit my kids’ exposure to stuff like this because they’ll still get an overload of it everywhere else. It’s probably not as bad as the vending machine water bottles; and fwiw, I haven’t looked at the bottles in a few years - are they using a different plastic now?

  8. Terri Says:

    Your idea for Nalgene bottles was inspired! I was so excited to share this with my husband. He’s always cranky about all the empty water bottles and the kids were cranky about the plastic taste and weren’t drinking enough as a result. Thank you!!

  9. Karen Says:

    I can’t wait to try them out!

  10. chris Says:


    the nalgene bottles do eliminate that awful plastic taste. The water tastes like water.

  11. Brandi Says:

    Thank you Chris, I went to the Nalgene site and ordered one of their new sippy cups as well as a bottle for myself. Thank you for the tip, I want to drink more water but don’t want to create more mess both dish and trash wise.


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