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This is a small tip, probably one that anyone who has a child already employs but I am nothing if not giving with my advice.

For my younger children, i.e. the ones who haven’t firmly grasped the concept of matching clothes and will likely need more clothes than days we are away because they also haven’t mastered eating neatly yet, I fold and pack their clothes into the gallon size ziploc bags.

I love ziploc bags. Keep wetness in, keep wetness out. Seriously the best invention EVER.

The added benefit is that you can get all the air out of the bag and the clothes take up less room.

I keep a change of clothes for my 2 and 4 yr olds in one ziploc bag in my diaper bag at all times. It never gets dirty in the bag, never gets wet from spilled water, and is always there when I need it. Because my diaper bag at this point in my mothering career is much more likely to contain random sticks and dirty matchbox cars than it is to contain pristine receiving blankets.


how I pack


two complete outfits for two kids

Now I should probably actually pack, otherwise those will be the only two outfits my kids have to wear.

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  1. Montserrat Says:

    My older girls laughed at me one time as they watched me sit on the bag to get all the air out before zipping it up. Guess who gets to pack clothes for the littler kids now? :D This really is one of the best way to pack clothes and keep outfits organized and the amount of luggage reduced, especially when traveling with a large family!

  2. Rachel May Says:

    I love ziploc bags, too. They have an extra-special place in my heart right now as we’re potty training. .. “wetness in/wetness out” — you bet. Yeesh.

  3. Elizabeth Z Says:

    Whenever I can I use the quart ones, with exactly one outfit per bag, because then, I can put the old outfit into the bag when I take it off. I also carry a roll of those plastic bags they sell for diaper changes or dog walking, just in case I don’t use a whole outfit or, I don’t know, perhaps we’re in the car and my sister-in-law is sitting in the back reading, and my small child says in a miserable tiny voice “I’m going to be sick” and starts to cry and we pull over real fast, but my sister-in-law doesn’t catch on and is still sitting there going “Why are we stopped? She’s just whinging, isn’t she?” when the child throws up all over herself and the car seat, and, well, then you need at LEAST two bags, one for the old outfit and one for all the things you use to try to wipe things up. (Oh, plus, it might just happen that the small child pees on her shoes. That tends to need a separate bag.)

    The bags-on-a-roll don’t have zippers but you can tie them in knots.

  4. Mary W Says:

    We do the ziploc bag too - especially when they boy goes camping. If it rains his clothes are clen and dry We also line his backpack with a trash bag. If the bag gets wet the stuffinside is dry and he can just dump the dirty clothes in it and then, when home take the bag out of the backback and put it in the laundry room.

  5. t in hd Says:

    I used the “vacuum-pac” concept when packing for all of us on our return home from an extended visit to the U.S. It’s a great space saver. Pity it doesn’t save any on the weight, lol.

  6. CathyC Says:

    Love the ziploc bags. We use them for packing, too. Also, they keep nasty dirty hands from touching underwear/socks/bathing suits when airport people are going through your suitcases.

  7. Marie in St Paul Says:

    Also good to keep a stash in the car - my daughter experiences motion sickness, and these work great to contain the vomit/smell. Especially when she had bacon for breakfast.

  8. The Lazy Organizer Says:

    I just started doing this a year ago when I got tired of searching for baby things in my big suitcase. It’s perfect! We were were homeless at the time and lived like that for 3 months! I bought the really big bags (what are they, 2.5 gallons?) for my outfits. It’s great to be able to rummage in the suitcase and not mess anything up.

  9. Peggy Says:

    Okay. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this with clothes for the diaper bag… I use ‘em for all kinds of OTHER things! Toys, food, quilts & crafts in progress…thanks for the insprirational tip!

  10. Heather Says:

    I use the gallon size for spare outfits for hubby and I as well. I pack two sets of tops and bottoms for each of us (mom, dad, boy) - one for travelling accidents and one for lost luggage security.

    When renting a vacation house, I made up daily packs for our son. We travel with the grandparents and dad and grandparents have a much easier time getting our son ready in the morning if all they need to do is grab a bag. Otherwise, they drive me bats asking which outfit he should wear.

  11. Karen Says:

    For my kids that can’t match clothes, I stack outfits together for them in their “laundry box” (where I put their clean folded laundry they are to put away). This makes it easy for them to dress themselves each day (and not look like they dressed themselves) and easier to pack (pick out 4 outfits to take to the beach).

    I LOVE Ziplocs too & appreciate the packing tip!

  12. Kimmie Says:

    Oh thanks for the wisdom! We will be camping with our 6 kids…3 of who were just adopted in March (a sibling group ages 5,4 and 3…g, b,b). We plan on taking the troops on their first camping outing and am thankful on ideas to make it more organized. (thanks so much, big hug!)

    mama to 6
    one homemade, and 5 adoped (working on #7 from Guatemala!)
    come meet us and stay to be a new friend!

  13. Blog « Searching For Creativity Says:

    [...] I thought I’d mention it because she always has lots of good tips. Here is one for example: Ziplock Packing. Not sure why I never thought of it for my diaper bag (which sounds much like hers right now), but [...]

  14. peepnroosmom Says:

    Thank you for this idea. I, also, use ziploc bags foe everything, but never for clothes. We just got back from a trip on an airplane and I packed one spare outfit for the baby. When I went to change him, he had wet on both shirt and shorts. I changed him into the clean, dry clothes and had the bag for the wet ones. You are a genius!

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