this is inspired by my lazy side

We only drink water in our house. And by we, I mean my children. I drink a healthy supply of diet coke and coffee in addition to my water intake.

And we drink it, steady yourself now, from the faucet. If your water tastes bad, get a filter.

I could probably give a whole handful of reasons why water is better for you, CAVITIES! EXCESS CALORIES! come to mind. When I see kids carrying those huge containers of sports drinks, I can help but think that is a contributing factor to the overweight children.

Or the environmental factors, ALL THOSE PLASTIC CONTAINERS IN THE LANDFILL! This one does drive me batty when I see friends with their several recycling bins overflowing with 16oz water bottles.

Or the money, PAYING FOR WATER??? SERIOUSLY?? and those sports drinks are pricey too, especially in the single serving bottles.

We use refillable nalgene bottles. These also come in a wide mouth type that many of my children prefer. The wide mouth ones are great if you want to put regular ice cubes inside your water or want to add gatorade once in awhile. They come in all different colors so you can get a different color for each kid.

There is a huge difference between these type of bottles and the cheap plastic squirt kind you can buy at wal-mart for $1. The cheap ones are plastic and make the water taste funny, especially if they lay around in the sun. And these don’t leak so you can toss them into a bag. So while they might seem pricey, they are worth it. We have had most of ours for several years. They are virtually indestructible. We haven’t had one break yet (crossing fingers and knocking on wood).

But the real reason that I switched to a water only, refillable bottle house is my hatred of WASHING DISHES! My kids each have their own water bottle that they drink out of and that is it. No extra glasses laying around my house just waiting to spill. If we are leaving the house for a hike, or going in the car, I can tell everyone to grab their water bottles and they can do it easily and quickly. Well, as easily and quickly as children can do anything.

Parenting ideas inspired by laziness, that should be my new tagline.

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  1. Christine Says:

    I think we were twins separated at birth, or something. We drink straight from the tap. Always have. For shame.

    However, I needed your wisdom on the best water bottle. We have had leak issues with others. I’m soooo heading over to order some.

  2. Christina Says:

    Laziness is the key to survival, at least around here. Those look great, I think we’ll be loading up for all of us.

  3. Het Says:

    Great idea!

  4. Lesli Says:

    We’ve always done this, too. Added bonus for sticking with water…the spills don’t stain.

  5. Southern Girl Says:

    We only drink water around here, too, and also only from the faucet. No filter, even! Memphis is blessed with incredibly good-tasting water — award-winning, too — so we actually prefer a big glass of tap water to pretty much anything else.

  6. Roseann Says:

    We use Nalgene bottles as well. The only issue I have ever had is with them getting burned in the dishwasher. My son loaded the dishwasher for me, like normal, but he put the bottles on the bottom, and the lids dangled onto the heating element. Messy and smelly, and we had to buy all new bottles.

  7. AprilM Says:

    Great idea. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom got each of us kids our own set of dish ware. One plate, one bowl and one cup. We each had a different color, and we were responsible for keeping them clean. If we hadn’t washed our dishes, we literally couldn’t eat until we did. And if someone left their dirty dishes out, we all knew who the culprit was. At the time, my mom was single, and going to school. With five kids and no dishwasher, it really made things easier for her, and taught us some accountability.

  8. tanya Says:

    I switched to water only at dinner because I was tired of mopping the dining room everyday. Now we only have orange juice once in a while when we have a special breakfast. And evry time they have anything other than water, they spill it!

  9. angie Says:

    Brilliant, just brilliant! Better than paper cups, too, which they can tear up and you can’t take them with you. Unless, of course, you take a stack of them and magic markers, etc., and it just gets cumbersome. But you are talking $49 for the family to have their own cup. . .
    I’d have to think on that one.

  10. cass Says:

    As my grandmother says, laziness is just another name for efficiency. :) My only problem with Nalgene is that we like the smaller size bottles (still with a wide mouth) but they’re hard to use in the car. The big bottles have a little mouthpiece insert that makes it easier to use in a moving car, but they don’t make them for the smaller bottles. Small price to pay, I guess.

  11. Priya Says:

    Hi Chris, do these have straws? I can’t tell…sorry to ask a dumb question.

  12. Wendy Says:

    I agree about the water. I taught my kids to drink out of sippies with water. I knew they would throw it on the floor multiple times and who wants to clean up sticky juice. Besides, if they leave it somewhere it is not growing anything inside.

    I will have to consider these bottles, because really we dont need to buy cases of water at Sam’s. We have a refillable water cooler with a filter and the fridge has a filter. It would save us a lot.

    Thanks agian, because I have been looking for small ways to be more environmental.

  13. chris Says:

    No they don’t have straws.

    $48 for a family does sound like a lot. Except when you factor into the cost of individual water bottles, broken glasses, my sanity…

    This would be a perfect thing to tell grandparents to buy for an Easter basket or Christmas stocking.

  14. Kerry Says:

    I drink from the tap too. I know so many people that buy the water systems that come w/ those huge refill jars. We save so much money this way plus I think the tap tastes so much better! Will have to check out those water bottles…..I am guilty of buying a pack of bottled water to grab one on my way out the door. Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Fairly Odd Mother Says:

    I grew up in a town with the BEST tap water so we always drank it straight. Then, I moved to a house with a well and the water wasn’t so great, so I got a Britta; this is what we use now even though we are in a house with town water.

    I love the idea of having special water bottles. I always end up sticking juice in them and it ruins it for water later on. And, yes, juice is very bad. Just ask my two youngest who have cavities. Yuck!

    (BTW, I just took your advice and purged a ton of toys out of our living areas—of course my oldest immediately found some in the basement and came up in tears—I need to start freecycling fast before she finds the rest of them!)

  16. Mary W Says:

    Our weater tatses like dirt - even with a filter so we have water delivered but we too love those bottles.

  17. Brigitte Says:

    I buy bottled water a couple times a year, and keep refilling them with our much yummier well-water (my hubby thinks it tastes like dirt, but he grew up with nasty fluoridated city water, yech).

    I may have to invest in the Nalgene now, if they can actually go in the dishwasher and you can fit icecubes in them - much more lazy, I mean efficient!

    Luckily, my daughter is also given water in sippies, so she doesn’t even (usually) like juice.

  18. anonymous Says:

    ‘Nalgene bottles may pose health problems’ - see
    We use metal bottles like the ones at Peddler’s Wagon

    We bought cheaper versions of the metal bottles at Target actually for about $6 each in the sporting goods section but they don’t always have them.

  19. Heather Says:

    My source for Nalgene bottles is the local college bookstore. The store puts the older versions (the school must change the logo and color about 2x per semester) on sale regularly. I can usually pick them up for about $3 each.

    For outdoor activities, I freeze the nearly full bottles the night before. Seemingly indistructable.

  20. G.A. Says:

    I like the idea of seperate colors for each kid and something sturdier than the cheap wal-mart bottles that last a week. We are mainly water drinkers here (actually my daughter refuses to drink anything else.) We were always drink out of the tap people. I couldnt understand why people would buy water! And then I moved to Las Vegas…and I literally cannot drink a glass without shuddering. So now we’re one of those people that are silly and buy water lol.

  21. The Silly Witch Says:

    FYI-Nalgene bottles are indestructable. My dad ran over one with a forklift once and it came out with only a small dent. Long live tap water (filtered at my house because we live in NJ), and long live Nalgene water bottles.

  22. Caren Says:

    Our tap water has mercury in it. Nice, huh? So…I guess I will keep paying money for bottled water.

  23. Cindy Says:

    I love LOVE LOVE those bottles! We each have one also (in different colors too) all in the REALLY wide mouth. They are different prices depending where you go and the style, but totally well worth it. (They freeze well too…. we fill about half way, loosely put the lid on and put in the freezer overnight at an angle. Awesome.


  24. t in hd Says:

    Mine only drink water, as well and yes, from the tap. I’ll add two more reasons to the long list of reasons why water is better: when it’s spilled down a kid’s front, it neither leaves a stain nor (when outside) attracts bugs. A juice-sticky toddler is bound to attract some stinging insect or other. :-(

  25. Kendra Says:

    My kids never drink juice or anything sugary but we go through a ton of milk! And I can’t resist because it’s healthy.

    But like you said, it gets nasty if you drop an empty sippy in the car and it gets left. It’s messy if you spill it. And it’s (relatively)expensive.

    Any suggestions on how to get them to drink water instead?

  26. chris Says:


    Other than not giving them milk? ;-)

    Maybe you can try serving milk as a special drink that only goes with snacks and meals at the table. Milk can cause tooth decay also.

  27. Tess Says:

    I think I’m going to see about purchasing these for my kiddos, ages 2 and 6. But i’m wondering how does your baby boy drink from the wide mouthed containers? does he have a hard time with it?

  28. jen Says:

    walmart has knockoff nalgenes… under the Ozark Trail name. They are pretty much the same. I have a couple of them in my water bottle stash.

    And I pay for water because a filter won’t take the slimyness out of my water, and there’s no accounting for taste. I buy 5 gallon bottles though, no sports bottles. Which doesn’t make me better than those that do, it just keeps my recycling less full.

  29. jody Says:

    We do the water bottle thing too. I have a huge, blue glass Mexican water dispenser, and I fill it with fresh filtered H2O (from the tap) every morning and add some ice. Each kiddo has a water bottle, and they fill them from the dispenser. I virtually have no cups to clean durning the day, save for at dinner when I serve milk.

  30. Marie in St Paul Says:

    We use them too - I even have one with a spout at my bedside (keeps the cat from dipping her paws in the bottle in the middle of the night).

    In answer to Tess: My son is 22 months, and he has no trouble with using the bottles. We don’t use a sippy cup at home - he refused to use one so when he was 12 months, we dropped the nursing bottle and went straight to a Tupperware glass.

  31. dcrmom Says:

    I’m so against juice. But I do buy water. It’s ridiculous, but so much easier for me. I think I’m gonna look into those bottles you’re talking about.

  32. Karen Says:

    We found some cute animal “squeeze top” bottles at Wal-Mart one year, and I bought a different one for each of my kids. We have milk with our meals, juice with our afternoon snack, and water everywhere in between! They even take the bottles to bed with them so no one can get up for “one more sip of water”!

  33. rebecca Says:

    Did you mean exclude liquor from your drink menu in the first paragraph?

    Oh wait, am I not supposed to mention that on this blog?… ; )

  34. vickie Says:

    ok, this is TOO helpful, thank you for this EXCELLENT tip!!!!! I love the idea of grabbing them to go on a quick excursion with no thought going in to prepping drinks for the car. Ugh.

  35. Chrissie Says:

    I knew I recognized the Nalgene name, but I had to double-check before posting. My Navy man is issued this brand for his military missions. He’s taken his bottles overseas, on training excursions through the woods, to the gun range, anywhere he goes it goes. And they really are indestructable! I didn’t even realize it wasn’t a military brand :)
    Great idea to give each kid his own bottle though. My three boys share an over-flowing cupboard of sippy cups that get on my nerves! One bottle per kid is a great idea!

  36. Ruth Says:

    Enjoyed visiting your blog this morning!

    Ruth, mama to 12 so far

  37. Kiki Says:

    We drink from the tap too. Gasp!!
    I love your writing. So relateable…is that a word?

    I’m in no way trying to spam you! Just help you if you’re interested in increasing your readership. I’ve tagged you here:

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