A project for all those scratched CDs

Everything needed for this project you should have in your home already.

What? You don’t have a ton of useless CDs in your house? My younger children are brutal with them.

But you can also buy a pack of cheap CDs to do this project. It would be great for a large group, or a rainy day playdate. We did it with our homeschool group.

Older kids could do it completely on their own, the younger ages needed varying degrees of help, but what is great about a project like this is that children of all ages can play with it when it is completed.

Materials Needed

toilet paper, paper towel, or similar tube (tin foil is nice and sturdy) –you will want to cut it to about 2/3 toilet paper roll length
thick elastic band longer than the tube
duct tape
paper clip

Step 1:

Securely tape the tube to your CDs. Make sure the tape doesn’t hang over the edge of the CDs.


Step 2:

And that the tube is centered on both CDs.


Step 3:

Thread the rubberband through the paperclip.


Step 4:

Pull rubberband through the CD and tube and out the other side.


Step 5:

Tape the paperclip securely in place.


Step 6:

Thread the rubberband through the washer.


Step 7:

So that you have a little loop.


Step 8:

Put the pencil inside the loop. Turn the pencil to tighten the rubberband.


Step 9:

Place CD car on the floor and watch it go.


Now you are ready for CD car races

17 Responses to “A project for all those scratched CDs”

  1. melinda Says:

    Ooo, that looks like something right up ds’s alley. Thanks!

  2. Jim Says:

    This is a great project. I liked it so much, I posted a little writeup about it on GeekDad (www.geekdad.com).

  3. Sheree Says:

    That looks like such fun! Thanks!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Wait, I’m confused. How does it go? I’m not very mechanically inclined.

    I love how well you give instructions. Step by step with great pictures.

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  6. Alissa Says:

    i’d appreciate a video. :P

  7. Brigitte Says:

    Ah, motivation to scratch more CDs whenever they want CD races!

  8. Carla Says:

    How cool is that!!

  9. Audrey - Pinks & Blues Girls Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I saw you in Good Housekeeping! Great blog article - sheer genius! I can absolutely relate to what you wrote about in taking out the trash! :)
    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls

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  11. Christina Says:

    That looks like fun - we’ll put that on our list for our next rainy day :)

  12. Lisa Says:

    Hey, another thing to do with scratched CD’s is put them in the microwave for a few seconds. They crackle and spark and generally thrill OLDER kids (and Dad’s) to pieces! (My DH either heard about this from a computer friend of ours or on Myth Busters, so it’s safe, provided that you don’t leave them in there for a long time!)

  13. Elaine Says:

    That looks like lots of fun. I’ve got tons of AOL cds that have come in the mail that are just taking up space in drawers. This would be a good project to have some of the kids friends do when they come for a visit, especially on rainy days.


  14. tanya Says:

    That looks like something my kids would like. For an even easier activity using old CDs chech out this CD hovercraft on youtube

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  16. maggie Says:

    That looks like fun. In our old apartment, I took lots of unneeded CDs (AOL and Earthlink in particular, since they used to send a CD every few days…) and glued them to the ceiling over the bathtub - overlapping to make a demented silver cloud. I wonder what the super thought when he discovered it after we moved out.

  17. Meg Says:

    How GREAT! Thank you!

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