Water play

A bucket and a large paint brush go a long way on a hot day.

Painting with water

Something about playing with water appeals to children of all ages. If you have children you know of their ability to find a microscopic puddle of water hidden in a 2 acre backyard.

Painting with water

My little kids also love to “paint” the house and the cars. It’s almost like cleaning, right?

You can also incorporate this into a rudimentary science lesson dealing with evaporation and the water cycle.

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  1. Christine Says:

    My kids also love painting with water on old boxes or the back fence (the box thing is perfect for rainy days). We’ve also learned that using paints straight on the fence or driveway wash away with the rain.

  2. Christina Says:

    So now you are psychic - seriously, how did you know that next week we are planning to do all sorts of fun “experiments” with water?! This will definately be a part of our fun last 2 weeks of school, thanks!

  3. Shelly Says:

    We did this today. My 3yo loved it. Kept him busy for an hour! Thanks for the great tip.

  4. t in hd Says:

    What a clever idea. So simple, but my kids would just love it. We have no pavement for them to paint pictures on but they’d love painting the house, their swing set, the lawn furniture, themselves…..

  5. peepnroosmom Says:

    Great idea! Me and the little one were outside “painting” his truck with brushes and water. He had so much fun!

  6. Anna Says:

    The water idea is fantastic…and so are her shoes!

  7. cole Says:

    You always have little educational tidbits and wanted to share a cool thing my son got.

    He received a crystal making kit for his bday and in it is a booklet that talks about other kinds of experiments, what crystals are, ect….

    One thing to do and it is really easy and looks like fun for smaller kids.

    Dissolve about 1 tsp of salt in 1 oz of water (2 tblspns). Do the same with sugar. Mix to dissove.

    Use paint brushes on dark construction paper to paint with your water mixture. When the water evaporates, in about 15 minutes or so, you are just left with the crystals, which have reformed.

    Kinda cool?

    We use this water idea at our pool. We have brushes and the kids “paint” around the kiddie pool. Or each other. And then they make a handy weapon to poke your sisters eye out. Fun and dangerous. No one is really having fun until someone loses an eye.

  8. Alissa Says:

    totally did this today. thank you chris!

  9. Ann at mommysecrets Says:

    I love cheap and easy ideas like this!!!

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